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Cheese at its best!

For over three decades, our experienced master cheese makers have created specialty cheeses that cheese connoisseurs immediately love: ROUGETTE.

Over the years, they have dedicated themselves to developing ROUGETTE cheese innovations, starting from the exceptionally creamy and buttery Bavarian Red to the latest ROUGETTE bon•fire grilling cheeses.

Brand World | Products


ROUGETTE Bavarian Red
The ROUGETTE Bavarian Red is extremely creamy, mild and buttery. The milk for this triple cream cheese comes from the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. The distinctive look of its red exterior is the natural colour of paprika extract. ROUGETTE Bavarian Red tastes mild when it is young and increasingly finely spiced as it matures.

ROUGETTE bon·fire
The ROUGETTE  bon•fire cheeses can be served hot & fresh off the grill for a fun, new way to entertain with specialty cheese. The ROUGETTE bon•fire grilling cheeses comes in two varieties: Grilling Cheese and Marinated Grilling Cheese. The mild & creamy soft ripened Grilling Cheese can go right on the grill to develop a warm and melted inside and crispy outside. The savory semi-soft Marinated Grilling Cheese is pre-marinated in herbs and oil and comes in a convenient, ready-to-grill pan.
Each package includes two pieces of cheese – perfect for sharing.