Aus Lust am Genießen

From Milk to Cheese

500 litres of milk and a good idea ...
... is how the story of Käserei Champignon began more than 100 years ago. The cheese-maker Julius Hirschle developed a Camembert with an irresistible new flavor. A year later, he founded Camembert-Industrie-Heising together with the cheese wholesaler Leopold Immler. Because their Camembert had a wonderful aroma of fresh mushrooms, they called it "Champignon Camembert", and foresightedly registered the Champignon logo. Champignon is the German word for white button mushroom. The Champignon Camembert brand was born – one of the first consumer brands in the German dairy industry. Using the milk of the Allgäu region was key to the success of the company.

History of the milk industry in the Allgäu                               Milk production in the Allgäu was only for personal consumption of the farmers and their families until the beginning of the 19th century, when flax crops were replaced with grass, due to a decline in the demand for flax in the production of clothing, which was replaced by cotton. This “transformed” the Allgäu from Blue (flax) to green. Farmers were progressively expanding their dairy production and learned that they could make a comparable       living by selling milk and milk products.

Enjoyment is a family affair
The small local dairy rapidly grew into a successful business. The Hofmeister family, who took over Käserei Champignon in 1961, expanded it into a major group of companies – with a keen awareness of lasting values, innovative in their product and marketing strategies, but still retaining the culture of a family business.

Leading the market
The proof of our success: our brands are not only German market leaders. In more than 50 countries worldwide, they kindle the desire for indulgence.

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