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Our cheeses are crafted by master cheesemakers trained in technical expertise and the artistry of affinage to create cheeses of exceptional quality and taste. Our recipes have been handed down and perfected over our company’s one-hundred-year history of cheesemaking. Our cheeses are a mark of high quality, innovation, and craftsmanship.
All our cheeses are lactose-free and made with microbial rennet!

Soft ripened cheeses

Soft ripened cheeses

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Soft-ripened cheeses

If you are looking for specialty cheeses with a hint of blue, an irresistible creaminess or a smooth texture – we have the right cheese for you!
Our award-winning soft-ripened cheeses are truly cheese case staples around the world.
Click below to find out more information about our famous CAMBOZOLA, CAMBOZOLA Black Label or our other soft-ripened cheeses like CHAMPIGNON Mushroom, ROUGETTE Bavarian Red, Fiorella or our wheels with add-ons like herbs and pepper!

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Traditional Blue Cheeses

Our traditional Blue Cheeses Grand Noir and DorBlu are one of a kind and the perfect addition to your cheese portfolio.
Our GRAND NOIR is a masterpiece of the cheesemaking art and with its black wax mantle an eye catcher in every cheese case.
And the delicate, creamy DORBLU streaked with piquant fine blue mold shouldn’t be missing in your portfolio!

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Entertainment Cheeses

Ever heard of entertainment cheeses? No? Well, then let us introduce you to our specialty cheeses made for entertaining! High quality specialty cheeses for the grill, the skillet or the oven. With a savory marinade or for dipping and sharing, we have the right cheese for you!
Our products are available in many different flavours.

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Fresh Pack Cheeses

Looking for cheeses with long shelf life and great taste and texture? Keep on reading!
Our Fresh Pack Cheeses are soft-ripened cheeses with a surprising creaminess in a simple and convenient package to maintain consistent flavor and quality!
Our innovative manufacturing process guarantees that these cheeses have the perfect degree of ripeness and creaminess. Each wheel is sealed in a fresh pack to ensure the highest quality throughout their shelf life.

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Other cheese Specialties

Still haven’t found the cheese you were looking for?
In this case we have some more cheese specialties to offer like St.Mang Bavarian Made Limburger, Hofmeister cheese spreads or Mediterranean FITAKI brine cheese and then some more!
We offer these cheeses in different sizes and formats to suit your needs as good as possible.

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