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Traditional craftsmanship, ingenuity and natural products: that sums up the Champignon-Hofmeister Group’s comprehensive range in a nutshell. We produce at four locations in Bavaria and Saxony, the geographical specificities of which contribute considerably to our speciality cheeses and dairy products.


These are the headquarters of the Champignon-Hofmeister Group in Heising in Allgäu, where the success story started more than 100 years ago. This is where we produce CHAMPIGNON Camembert, various white, blue and grey mould specialities as well as our heating cheeses marketed under the ROUGETTE brand. With approximately 700 employees, it is the company’s largest production facility and headquarters for the final production of our ALPAVIT brand dairy products to boot.

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Cheese store – factory outlet

Cheese store – factory outlet


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Training centre

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Also based in Allgäu is the Mang cheese factory in Kammlach, in the Swabian rural district of Lower Allgäu. Situated in the middle of the Kammlach district, and with roughly 100 members of staff, it has occupied a firm place in our Group and the location since 1910. 55 million litres of milk are processed there annually, supplied by approx. 350 contract farmers from the surrounding region. This is where St. Mang spicy red culture speciality cheese is produced – one of the cheeses Champignon-Hofmeister is best-known for.


In Freising in Bavaria, situated between the rivers Isar and Amper, lies the Moosburg cheese factory. The dairy, founded back in 1938, was taken over by the Hofmeister family in 1951 and now forms an integral part of the group of companies. In 1992 the location was extended to include industrial premises in Pfeffenhausen where it is tasked with the production of processed cheese and noble mould cheese spread for the restaurant industry and wholesale trade and for international trade. But the Hofmeister cheese factory’s products also include dairy derivatives that sell on international markets.


The Hainichen-Freiberg dairy is a 50:50 joint venture with Ehrmann AG. The Saxony-based factory has an annual turnover of approx. 120 million euros and is one of the largest employers in the region. Speciality cheeses such as Camembert and various milk- and whey-based dry products are manufactured for the family company here.

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