Sustainability at Champignon-Hofmeister

A work in progress: placing an emphasis on sustainability

To enable sustainable management across all corporate divisions, we have put in place a sustainability management team that works with the executive board to formulate specific targets and implement these with the help of a range of measures. In dialogue with our stakeholders and employees, we continue to intensify our sustainable actions and target measurable successes for our mutual future growth.

It comes naturally to us: sustainability in our company

As a family company with a long tradition we have always thought in generations and want to take responsibility in our daily actions for the environment and the resources that we use. To makes these intentions measurable and tangible, we have set ourselves specific targets that we can influence in the three major areas of sustainability: the environment, the economy and social issues.

Our key figures on sustainability

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

The Champignon-Hofmeister Group stands for products of the highest quality. In order to guarantee this, we are constantly optimising our production processes and apply the highest standards to all ingredients and packaging materials. We work closely with suppliers and monitor their production continually. We also insist on quality checks throughout the entire production process. Only by doing so can we guarantee the production of a natural product of the highest quality and ecological responsibility.

The Champignon-Hofmeister Group sustainability brochure

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