Champignon-Hofmeister international

A traditional German cheese dairy with international status

Headquartered in the beautiful Allgäu region, we deliver our cheese specialities to over 55 countries worldwide. In some countries we have subsidiaries, in others we work together with local partners.



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The trademark for good cheese – worldwide!

Our cheese varieties are true cosmopolitans

 Whether fragrant speciality soft cheeses, traditional blue cheese or cheese for entertaining: For decades our unique, versatile and exquisite products have consistently symbolised the ultimate cheese quality – in Europe and worldwide.

Our successful brands CAMBOZOLA, ROUGETTE, Käserei Champignon and St. Mang are very popular on countless overseas markets. We have also developed brands especially for international markets: for instance DORBLU, a traditional blue cheese, or our creamy creamy BRIETTE fresh pack cheeses.

We combines traditional cheesemaking with new product concepts and state-of-the-art technology. This combination makes us extremely flexible and is crucial to the successful launch and placement of our products overseas.

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Champignon North America, Inc.

Founded in 1981 Champignon North America, Inc. is the import, sales and marketing arm of Käserei Champignon in the United States.
The corporate office is located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ just minutes away from New York City. All of our cheeses are shipped by either sea or air container on a weekly basis from Germany. This is one of the many ways we ensure freshness and quality of our cheese to specialty distributors and retailers across the country.


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Champignon-Nordic A B

The 2021-launch of unit Champignon-Nordic A B has seen us solidify our position on the northern European market. Our employees here are people with local-market knowledge which gives them special proximity to our partners in the wholesale trade. 

This Nordic hub is associated with optimum order flexibility and improved service for our sales and marketing activities.


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Champignon Benelux has been active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg since 1993 and succeeded in transforming the CAMBOZOLA brand into the market leader in the soft blue cheese segment. 
From the company HQ in Kerkrade in the Netherlands Champignon Benelux supplies the markets just in time with a large range of products. All distribution and marketing activities are coordinated from here and guarantee a comprehensive service for our partners in food retail, wholesale and B2B.


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Champignon Slowenien

The Champignon Hofmeister dairy founded the subsidiary in Slovenia in 1997 as means of guaranteeing sustainable direct distribution via retail chains in this region. Since then we have been known for our soft and hard cheese varieties in most countries of the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Macedonia). The range includes exquisite white and blue mould cheese, cheese with red cultures, but also white cheese, bread slices, authentic Bavarian Emmental, barbecue cheese and other specialities, such as semi-hard cheeses with noble mould and barbecue cheese.


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Our cheese is international

Want to speak to us about cheese?
We already operate in more than 55 countries throughout the world, but we never stop looking for partners to expand our business with.


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