Aus Lust am Genießen


CAMBOZOLA Black Label is a premium blue  soft-ripened cheese with a beautiful grey mold exterior.

Its speciality lies in the refinement: skillfully manufactured with a particularly long maturation at a low temperature. The cold ripening method gives CAMBOZOLA Black Label its fine aroma and wonderful creaminess.

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Indulge in the moment

For over 30 years, we’ve been creating CAMBOZOLA soft-ripened cheeses with fine blue cultures. Our cheesemasters use only the best milk and quality cultures during manufacture – a recipe for success appreciated by cheese experts and connoisseurs alike.
CAMBOZOLA opens up a world of enjoyment, full of the joys of life, inviting you to celebrate an informal culinary feast. The special combination of flavors is a sensational experience: the wonderfully creamy soft cheese melts on
the tongue and delights the palate with the refined, finely spiced note of blue mold.

Whichever product you choose from the range, CAMBOZOLA promises to be a delicious

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Meet CAMBOZOLA Black Label! It has been aged longer and colder than our classic, which makes it even creamier and stronger in the blue notes. You can easily recognize this triple cream soft ripened cheese by its beautiful grey exterior mold.

Our classic CAMBOZOLA is deliciously creamy and mild with a hint of blue; a perfect beginner’s blue. It’s a triple cream, soft ripened cheese with blue veins, made with pasteurized cow’s milk from the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. Its name comes from an ancient Roman settlement in Bavaria called Cambodunum, where the art of cheese-making flourished.

... all the goodness of our CAMBOZOLA in a ready to serve 8oz package. And to make sure you get it when it's best, we fly it into the US every week.

All of our cheeses are made with microbial rennet and are free of gluten and rBGH.