Aus Lust am Genießen

A century of indulgence



The cheese-maker Julius Hirschle and the cheese wholesaler Leopold Immler found Käserei Champignon in Heising (Allgäu). After extensive studies in various dairies abroad, Julius Hirschle develops a Camembert with a completely new, characteristic flavor. The cheese is distinguished through its special creaminess and a delicate, aromatic scent of mushrooms. Hirschle and Immler name it "Champignon Camembert", designing and registering the famous mushroom logo: Champignon Camembert is one of the first consumer brands to be established in the German dairy industry.

Pure delight

Käserei Champignon already has 40 employees. Every day they process 2,200 gallons of fresh Allgäu milk creating Champignon Camembert. Because it looks, smells and tastes so good Champignon Camembert receives the DLG (German Agricultural Society) prize for the first time.

Ship ahoi!

The steamer "Tanganyika" carries Champignon Camembert on a tropical test. Sealed in tins, the most popular German Camembert travels all around Africa. At the tasting, the cheese testers are astounded: the cheese has gently ripened and its flavor even improved. The export test passes with flying colors!

Indulgence and adventure

With lovingly illustrated Karl May collectables, Käserei Champignon inspires not just young gourmets. Sales soar as high as an arrow flies.


Champignon Camembert is the best-selling Camembert brand in Germany. The dairy now processes 10,600 gallons of milk per day. The Champignon trucks deliver their exquisite goods to all regions in Germany.